telescope soweto schools project
public relations campaign

For Telescope (Wandile Cindi), we assisted our client with a public relations campaign. The project was designed to create awareness around township schools as they greatly needed and still do need uplifting in terms of resources, infrastructure, inequality and poor learning conditions in Soweto.


he client was interviewed on Power FM and the image on the right depicts an audio clip from the live broadcast. The interview detailed the plight and bad conditions of township schools with lack of opportunites in comparison to the so called “Model C“ and other private schools. Wandile’s goals aligned themselves with the National Development Plan to overcome poverty by creating jobs for the youth and assisting teenagers develop career paths developing professional skills.

Part of his goal was to bridge the gap between races by creating a DIY Year Book which aimed at integrating all racial groups to minimise the divide. In addition, the book empowers young people to take on careers such journalism, photography, videography and other professions. This comes with a programme which Cindi refers to as Content Creation Week, which is based on a call to all professionals of every field to make themselves available to the youth so they can experience skills transfer and training opportunities.

As part of providing publicity, in addition; Wandile appeared on live television, SABC in particular. The idea behind the strategy was for the client to maximise on his reach, coverage and to market the programme so he could appeal for, amongst other elements, corporate social investment and professionals willing to part-take. Luckily, the client was social media conscious so the strategy extended online. Wandile took advantage of the television appearance by posting it on his personal social network.